Vancouver Police Foundation Transitional Care Centre (VPF TCC)

The VPF TCC is a non-clinical unit o­ffering time-limited, transitional accommodation for people discharged from St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH) who are in need of:

  • Short-term shelter.
  • Assistance that would facilitate connection to community services that is not available at the time of discharge, e.g. overnight, weekends, statutory holidays.
  • A safe place alternative to the street, post-discharge, to bridge the individual to existing care and/or existing safe place.

The VPF TCC is an integral component of the HUB’s model of care, which aims to transform access, care and follow-up for people with mental illness and problematic substance use.

Common kitchen area in the VPF TCC, which was recently painted by artist Jerry Whitehead.

Amenities and resources for clients’ use:

  • Centralized social area and kitchen
  • Washer and dryer
  • 6 single rooms
  • 1 phone and computer dedicated to client use
  • Private meeting room (available for booking)
  • Secure storage for belongings
  • Direct connection to sta­ff 24/7
  • Some food and meals provided

Facilities & Services

The VPF TCC provides a safe space for after-care and connection to community services.

Community Connection

We would like to invite community clinicians into this space and encourage the support of clients throughout their stay at the VPF TCC. Meeting rooms will be available for use and a health care worker will be onsite 24/7 to help with facilitating service.

Entrance to the VPF TCC via Thurlow Street.


  • The TCC is located in the courtyard beyond at St. Paul’s Hospital, adjacent to Stairwell 16 and accessible via the Thurlow laneway.
  • To contact your client or to learn more about the VPF TCC, please call: 604-682-2344 ext. 63404
  • If you are a clinician or a PHC staff member looking to discharge a patient to the VPF TCC, please consult with the Mental Health Centre’s Access Coordinators to find out more about referrals.

The Vancouver Police Foundation Transitional Care Centre (VPF TCC) has been made possible with the resources and support of the Vancouver Police Foundation and the vision and partnership of the Vancouver Police Department.

Vancouver Police Foundation Transitional Care Centre (VPF TCC) Brochure