Inclusion & cultural safety

We’re working every day to challenge our assumptions and ensure inclusion for all.

Patient standing in a hospital lobby smiling.

Mission-driven, committed to all who live in BC

Fair and equal treatment and access to health care have often been denied to many groups and individuals. This is a part of the history of health care in British Columbia and part of our own history as well.

We are undertaking work across Providence Health Care to ensure inclusion and cultural safety for all. In particular, we are:

  • Approaching health care and our work at Providence with a social justice lens
  • Doing our best to create a safe space for Indigenous patients and their families
  • Putting in place the right people and plans to address equity, diversity and inclusion issues
  • Working to ensure the best possible access for all to our sites and services

Our actions demonstrate our determination to support all residents of BC and correct these inequalities in our system.

  • Social justice

    Social justice is central to our Mission. We take action to ensure equal access to healthcare, health services and medicines.

  • Indigenous reconciliation

    An introduction to Providence Health Care's Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation work.

  • Equity, diversity & inclusion

    Providence Health Care is committed to examining and improving our equity, diversity and inclusion efforts. You can learn about our plan here.

  • Accessibility & access

    Learn about the accessibility services and resources you can access to ensure you get the care you need at Providence.