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Welcome to Providence Health Care! Here you’ll find important information to prepare for, and manage visits to our facilities.

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Throughout Providence, we have administrative systems and support services in place to help us serve you. From paying bills to accessing your health records to finding support, we’re here to help. 

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  • Access your health records

    This page contains information about how we protect your privacy and how you can access your health records.

  • Patient rights & responsibilities

    It is important for your comfort and safety that you know your rights and responsibilities while you are here.

  • Visitor information

    Information about visiting our sites to stay in touch with family and friends and help them rest and recover.

  • Safety & security

    Find out more about the security teams that work at our sites and how to contact them.

  • Patient support services

    Learn more about the patient support services available to you or a loved one during your time with us.

  • Advance care planning

    Advance care planning involves talking about or writing down your beliefs and wishes for your future medical care.

  • Pay a bill

    Details on how to pay a bill/invoice and where to ask questions about your bill.

  • Person- & family-centred care

    We strive to provide the best possible care by enhancing engagement with patients, residents and families.

  • Well wishes

    Information about sending well wishes to family and friends as they recover or reside at one of Providence Health Care's sites.

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