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Everything you need to know about the Pregnancy, Birthing and Newborn Centre at St. Paul's Hospital.

Four babies born at St Pauls Hospital

At St. Paul’s Hospital Pregnancy, Birthing and Newborn Centre, we know that welcoming your child into the world is one of the most profound events in your life. 

Our experienced, skilled and caring staff is dedicated to making that experience positive and memorable. Our 16-bed unit is small enough for you to receive personal attention, and our location as part of a world-class hospital means that if you need any additional medical care during your delivery, help is close at hand.

In the event your baby needs any extra support when they are born, our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is down the hall.  We are able to support babies born at 32 weeks or later or full-term babies who require close monitoring or intravenous antibiotics after birth.

When you deliver at St. Paul’s Hospital, you will have your own private room in which to stay during your labour, birth and recovery. We encourage your support person to stay with you, to help during labour, birthing, and after your baby is born. During your labour, family and doulas are also welcome and encouraged to be part of your birth experience.

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