Well wishes

Information about sending well wishes to family and friends as they recover or reside at one of Providence Health Care's sites.

Our dedicated volunteers are pleased to personally deliver your kind wishes to residents or patients at Providence Health Care. Send an email using the addresses below and include the recipient's full name, unit and room number, and your message, and it will be hand-delivered by a volunteer.

Please don't include confidential information, or anything inappropriate. And keep in mind that our service is for delivery only, residents can't reply to you this way.

Send a hand-delivered message to your loved one

Please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Recipient's full name
  • Unit (if applicable)
  • Room number
  • Location
  • Your message

Please note, all fields are required unless otherwise noted.

Email addresses

  • St. Paul's Hospital: wellwishesstpaul[at]providencehealth.bc.ca
  • Mount Saint Joseph Hospital: wellwishesmsj[at]providencehealth.bc.ca
  • Holy Family Hospital: wellwisheshf[at]providencehealth.bc.ca
  • St. Vincent's Langara: wellwisheslangara[at]providencehealth.bc.ca
  • St. Vincent's Brock Fahrni: wellwishesbf[at]providencehealth.bc.ca
  • Youville Residence: wellwishesyouville[at]providencehealth.bc.ca