Lab tests

Overview of lab locations and services offered at Providence Health Care.


Lab tests use blood and other bodily fluid samples to determine the cause and nature of disease. At Providence Health Care, our labs provide routine and highly specialized tests and consultations to health-care providers and patients in British Columbia and the Yukon.

You can bring your lab requisition to the labs at St. Paul's Hospital or Mount Saint Joseph Hospital. We accept any BC requisition form completed by a doctor. Both laboratories are wheelchair accessible.

We recommend you book an appointment. You can book your appointment online.

Preparing for the test

Your referring doctor will let you know if you need to do anything to prepare for your lab tests. For example, some tests require you to fast for a period of time before the test.

We maintain a comprehensive list of all lab tests we offer.

On the day of the test

For a smooth test experience:

  • Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment. If you are late, you may lose your appointment time.
  • Bring your requisition form or doctor’s orders.
  • Bring your BC Services Card or other valid government issued identification.

Note: If you don’t have identification, we will not be able to take your samples. Proper identification is important to accurate and safe patient care.

During the test

  • You will be asked to confirm information from your patient record and requisition. This might include your current address, phone number, date of birth and the name of the doctor who ordered the blood work.
  • You will be asked for this information at least two different times to ensure accurate and safe patient care.
  • If you are having a blood test, a phlebotomist will ask you to take a seat in a chair. They will ask you to choose which arm you would like them to use to draw blood. A phlebotomist is someone trained in taking blood samples.
  • They will clean your skin and use sterile, new needles to take your blood sample.
  • For non-blood samples like urine or stool, they will give you specific instructions.

If you have to collect a non-blood sample at home, the Lower Mainland Laboratories website offers detailed instructions on how to do that.

After the test

Once your test results are available, they will be loaded to your personal health record. 

Your referring doctor will also receive a copy of your lab results.

Support for Indigenous Peoples

The Indigenous Wellness Liaison Team is here to support your health journey. Team members offer cultural support and healthcare advocacy. Learn more below or call them at 604-682-2344,62937 or email

  • Indigenous wellness services

    The Indigenous Wellness Team at Providence is available to support Indigenous patients and their families. We are here to coordinate culturally safe wellness supports and services.

Find this service near you

St. Paul's Hospital Laboratory
2nd Floor, Providence Building


Monday to Friday
7:00 a.m. — 6:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. — 3:00 p.m.

Closed on statutory holidays.

A map of the lab location at St. Paul's Hospital

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Laboratory

The lab is on the ground floor near Prince Edward Street entrance.


Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.

Closed on weekends and statutory holidays.