Intensive Care

The Intensive Care Unit provides leadership and innovation in the delivery of critical care, research and teaching.


Our multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit (ICU) team provides compassionate and respectful care to all of our patients and their families. Units provide treatment to patients who are the most severely ill, often suffering from multi-organ failure and in need of artificial ventilation. Their treatment includes a variety of life-support systems from medications and computerized cardiac equipment, to mechanical ventilation and renal replacement therapy.

The ICU provides care for various patients both at a specialized referral level and a community level. We accomplish this by having one ICU on two sites. St. Paul’s Hospital is a teaching hospital and Mount Saint Joseph Hospital (MSJ) is a community hospital that provides care to a culturally diverse group of patients.

Our facilities include capacity for:

  • 15 funded ICU beds at St. Paul’s
  • 6 ICU beds (4 of which are funded) at MSJ


Patients and Families

ICU Handbook For Patients and Families


Intensive Care Team

Our ICU is staffed with an award- winning team that was nationally recognized in 2006 with a 3M Award for their work in sepsis (life-threatening infection). Our clinicians are recognized as being world leaders in both patient care and research. Areas of clinical focus are in sepsis management, acute respiratory failure, renal failure and multi-system organ failure. The interdisciplinary care team may include physicians, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, pastoral care workers, physiotherapists, social workers and music therapists. Members of the ICU team work closely with families and patients to provide psychological, spiritual and emotional support. Nurses provide one-on-one care for patients.

Critical Care Medicine

Critical Care Medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on providing life support or organ support systems for patients who are critically ill and who usually require intensive monitoring. The Division of Critical Care Medicine consists of 11 members who are actively involved in providing patient care services in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Paul’s and MSJ: Dr. Najib Ayas, division head; Dr. Jim Russell, professor; Dr. Keith Walley, professor; Dr. Peter Dodek, professor; Dr. Najib Ayas, associate professor and head; Dr. Delbert Dorscheid, associate professor; Dr. David Evans, associate professor; Dr. John Boyd, assistant professor; Dr. Morad Hameed, assistant professor; Dr. Greg Grant, clinical assistant professor; Dr. Demetrios Sirounis, clinical assistant professor ; Dr. Ruth MacRedmond, clinical assistant professor; and Dr. Adam Peets, clinical assistant professor.

For more information visit the UBC Division of Critical Care Medicine.

Teaching + Research

All members of the Critical Care Division are involved in providing clinical teaching at all levels. The ICU rotations for specialty residents from Medicine, Anesthesia and Surgery are highly rated at St. Paul’s. The research program in Critical Care Medicine is comprehensive, spanning from molecular and cellular biology through to clinical research in critically ill adults. The basic science research program is based in the Cardiopulmonary Laboratories at St. Paul’s and the clinical research program in the St. Paul’s ICU.


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Contact Information

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