Long-Term Care: Home For Us

Home For Us is an important innovation and improvement initiative happening at all five Providence Health Care (PHC) long-term care homes: Youville Residence, Holy Family Hospital, St. Vincent’s: Brock Fahrni, St. Vincent’s: Langara and Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Led by the site and program leaders of long-term care at PHC and supported by the PHC’s Research & Design (R&D) team, Home For Us strives to understand what happens in long-term care by piecing together the individual experiences of people who live, work and visit our sites. 

The project is aligned with PHC’s mission, vision and values; the Providence Plan, which emphasizes Innovation, Care Experience, Quality & Safety and People.

We’re using a variety of different approaches to collect valuable, qualitative and quantitative data about life at our long-term care homes, such as talking to residents, families, staff and volunteers through focus groups and surveys; asking residents to take pictures and discuss the meaning behind these photos; observing a day in the life of residents and staff and taking the time to listen and gather individual stories.

This internal research, in combination with best practice literature reviews, will help us anticipate future needs and directions so we can co-create solutions with residents, families and staff to ensure long term sustainability and to continue to provide a high quality of care in our long-term care homes.

The Home For Us innovation and improvement initiative is an integral part of the long-term care clinical planning work that will serve as the blueprint for redeveloping and renewing our long-term care homes and services.

The goal of this planning is to develop a 20-year vision for the expansion, improvement and delivery of health services across our long-term care homes as part of the Ministry of Health’s vision for a more integrated and patient/resident-centered health system.