Influenza Policy and Vaccination Information

2021/2022 Flu Campaign

All Health Care staff, volunteers, visitors, contractors, students and medical staff in patient care areas are required to receive the influenza vaccination or wear a surgical/procedure mask during influenza season.

Check out this year's 2021 flu clinic schedule here!

All health authority and medical staff must self-report their immunization status.

For details, please read the Influenza Immunization Policy.
How Do I Self-Report My Immunization Status?

All Health Authority and Medical Staff must self report their vaccination online at

How do I get Vaccinated?

Flu shots are available on-site, at most local pharmacies, your family doctor, and at any public health clinic  They are provided free of charge to all healthcare workers. Health authority staff, physicians, and volunteers.  Please ensure to bring your BC Care Card and employee ID badge when you go and obtain your flu shot.


​On-site staff influenza vaccinations will begin to be given starting on October 13th and end on November 27th.  

You can visit the staff immunization clinics.To view the influenza clinic schedule for each location, please click the links below:


  • You can either visit The Peer Immunizer (PI) on your unit: PIs will deliver flu immunization to colleagues in their own department/units. Not all units have a PI.  



  • Local Pharmacy: Bring your CareCard if you are not already registered with the pharmacy. Call first, to ensure a pharmacist who has a license to vaccinate is working. Advise pharmacist you are a PHC employee; no proof of employment is necessary.
  • ​Family Physician

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wearing a Mask

Watch this video on how to properly put on a mask: