Youville Long-Term Care resident, family and visitor guide

An overview for residents, families and visitors of Youville Residence.

Music therapist strums her guitar and sings for tenants

Living here

Meet your health care team and learn about the services available to you.

Health care team

A typical health care team consists of:

  • the resident (you)
  • your family
  • registered nurses
  • personal care assistants
  • an occupational therapist
  • a physiotherapist
  • activity aides
  • a social worker
  • a dietitian
  • a pastoral caregiver
  • a pharmacist
  • your family physician

Professional nursing care is provided on a 24-hour basis. The unit clerk can assist you with any questions. The unit clerk is located at the nursing station.

Your family physician can continue to provide care if he or she has the right to work in one of the Providence hospitals. Staff can also provide a list of physicians. It is important that you and your family talk to the doctor about acceptable forms of medical care. You should talk about how you feel about resuscitation (an emergency treatment if you stop breathing or your heart stops), end of life decisions, blood transfusions and/or IV therapy. Talk to the doctor soon after you get to Youville Residence.