Youville Long-Term Care resident, family and visitor guide

An overview for residents, families and visitors of Youville Residence.

Music therapist strums her guitar and sings for tenants

When you arrive

We are committed to creating a safe environment for everyone. We want residents, their families, and our staff to treat each other with respect.

We encourage you to meet your neighbours and learn more about them. Find out who they are and where they come from. Let us get to know you as well. A great way to meet your neighbours is to join activities and celebrations. There are many activities happening in your neighbourhood and around the building. 

Children are an important part of life here. We want the children in your family to visit often. We also get visits of groups of children from child-care centres, preschools, local elementary schools and churches.

What to bring

Moving homes can be challenging. We want to help make your move as pleasant as possible. We encourage you to personalize your room with meaningful items, photographs, and plants. Please write your name on your items. This way, we can get your things back to you if something goes missing.

You can bring small pieces of furniture as long as there is still enough space in your room to move around. There must be enough room for you to move in your wheelchair and for our staff to help you with your care. Any furniture must be easy to move so that we can clean around it. Please talk to us about adding any furniture before bringing it in.

The following checklist is a useful guide for what to bring when moving into long term care:

What not to bring

Please do not bring in heating pads, electric blankets, or humidifiers. There are a number of risks related to these items such as burns, fire, and mold.

Care plan

Supporting you in every area of your life here.

You will meet a lot of people when you first get here. Everyone you meet will be trying to get to know you better. We want to learn how we can support you in every area of your life here. As we get to know you, we build your care plan. You and your family are part of your care team and help decide what goes in your care plan. Your care team members will add ideas to your plan when they meet you. Our goal is to help you to live life to its fullest while you are with us. Your care plan becomes the guide for all your caregivers. It helps us make sure you get the care that is right for you. We review your plan regularly and update it whenever there are changes.