St. Paul's Hospital patient & visitor guide

An overview for patients and visitors about information and services at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Mother holds her newborn as her friend smiles at the baby

Welcome to St. Paul's Hospital. Our main entrance is located at 1081 Burrard Street. 

Checking in at St. Paul’s Hospital

Please go to the clinic or surgical ward you've been directed to. Check in with the Admissions person there.

Volunteers & wayfinders

Our volunteers are trained to help you. They can help you find the clinic or ward you are looking for. They are usually in front of our main doors and some side entrances. Look for a volunteer in a red vest and ask them your questions. If they don’t know the answer, they will help you find out.

Your care while at St. Paul’s Hospital

Your admitting doctor manages your care and discharge at St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH). The doctor works closely with your care team. Your care team may include nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitation assistants. SPH is a teaching hospital. This means that students from all health professions may also participate in your care. Thank you for helping to train the next generation of health professionals!

Consent to treatment form

Depending on the treatment you need, we may ask you to sign a form that says we can treat you, called ‘Consent to Treatment’. When you sign it, it means you understand and appreciate the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment and are agreeable to proceed.