Patient & family partners

Here's how interested patients and families can become Patient and Family Partners at Providence Health Care.

A senior patient, their spouse and grandchild smiling and interacting with a doctor


Become a Partner in Care – volunteer as a Patient and Family Partner.

Interested in improving the care experience? Providence Health Care is looking for people who have been a patient or resident, or have family members who have been patients or residents at any of our sites, including:

We are asking for volunteers to partner with leaders, staff and medical staff to share ideas for making our services more person and family-centred.

  • Do you want to help us improve our health care services?
  • Are you willing to share insights and information about your own health care experiences?
  • Are you interested in projects, research, programs or policy developments that can make a difference for patients and families?
  • Are you interested in participating via meetings, emails and workshops?

If you said yes to these questions, then we invite you to become a Patient and Family Partner at Providence Health Care!


We are looking to have people with a variety of backgrounds, ages and experiences represented on our committees.

To be a Patient and Family Partner, you should be able to share your own experiences and what you've noticed about health care as a patient or family member.

You should feel comfortable talking about what went well and what could have been improved in your health care experience.

You will need to attend any required meetings and participate actively. You will also need to sign an agreement to keep any confidential information private.

To become a patient & family partner

Please email

Learn more by reading the Patient and Family Partner handbook.