St. Vincent’s: Honoria Conway-Heather tenant, family & visitor guide

An overview for tenants, families and visitors of St. Vincent’s: Honoria Conway-Heather assisted living.

Nurse smiling and greeting a resident

Who is eligible for Assisted Living?

You are eligible if each of the following applies to you:

  • You can direct your own care
  • You need some help with your daily activities and meals
  • You are able to transfer to Honoria Conway on your own


Fees & costs

To stay at Honoria Conway, tenants pay 70 per cent of their after-tax income for a full package of services. Individuals with high incomes pay up to a maximum amount, based on the actual cost. You will also pay a hydro surcharge of $18.00, as well as for medications, medical supplies, linens, toiletries, breakfast supplies, telephone, internet, cable TV and other personal items.

See the Tenant Handbook [link] for more information about what is and is not included.

Please remember to bring three cheques:

  • One marked “void” and attached to the direct deposit form
  • One to pay the rent and charges
  • One to pay the deposits, which will be held in a separate interest bearing account


How to apply

Please note that you cannot access our units by contacting Providence Health Care staff directly. Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) arranges eligibility and access into subsidized assisted living units.

If interested, please contact the health unit nearest you and ask to speak to a VCH case manager.

If you don't have a case manager, please contact the Central Intake for Home and Community Services at 604-263-7377. The hours to contact are Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 7:00pm. You can also visit  Assisted Living for more information.


Know what to bring

Be aware of what you will need to bring to make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible.

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