May's Place Hospice patient & visitor guide

Information for patients and visitors about staying at May's Place Hospice.

Doctors and nurses seated in a circle smile and talk to a tenant

May’s Place Hospice has six private rooms. Two rooms have their own sinks and toilets, while the other four rooms share a bathroom.

Each room has an adjustable hospital bed, telephone, cable television, recliner chair and wireless internet.

The common areas of May’s Place include a living room, a dining area and a casual lounge. A semi-enclosed balcony is available for clients, families and friends to enjoy.

Spiritual care & support

May’s Place offers the support of a Spiritual Care Practitioner. This person is trained to accompany you and provide emotional support while you navigate the distress of your illness. They can help you find ways to honour yourself and your values during your stay.

Spiritual care practitioners support those with religious and spiritual beliefs, and those without.

If you would like to have a visit from a leader in your faith tradition, please speak with the Spiritual Care Practitioner.

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