May's Place Hospice

Visitors: If you exhibit any symptoms of cold or flu, or feel unwell, refrain from entering these facilities. Your cooperation is vital in maintaining the health of our patients, residents and staff.

About this location

May’s Place Hospice is a six-bed hospice with a home-like setting and 24-hour nursing care. We provide integrated, trauma-informed end-of-life care for structurally vulnerable populations.

Our goal is to help you live as well as you can, for as long as you can. At May’s Place, we recognize dying, death and grieving as a part of life. We are committed to compassionate care that maintains dignity and supports both you and your family.

Providence Health Care staff operate May's Place, which is located in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. We have a team of experienced care providers including: nurses, doctors, a social worker and a spiritual care provider. Volunteers are also on site to provide extra support.

333 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1G5

May's Place visiting information

Families (as defined by you) are welcome to be present at any time – Providence Health Care does not restrict visiting hours to family members. Family members can even stay overnight.

Of course, you must follow a few guidelines:

  • Sick people need rest. You can visit often, but please respect your loved ones wishes for privacy or rest.
  • Children under 14 must be under adult supervision (from someone other than the patient) at all times.
  • Visiting may be restricted to protect the privacy and rights of other patients.
  • Your visit may be interrupted by staff to provide patient care.
  • Refrain from using scented products as other residents/visitors/staff may have severe allergies to scented products.
  • If you feel unwell, have an infection, flu-like or respiratory symptoms, or any sort of communicable disease, or have recently been in contact with anyone with these symptoms, we encourage you to stay at home until you’re well again.
  • We may not have the space to accommodate a large number of family members, but we’ll try our best.
  • We cannot accommodate pets to live at Hospice but they are welcome to visit if they are under control.

If you need more information – just ask so we can help create the best care experience overall.

Administration hours

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


May's Place Hospice patient & visitor guide

What you need to know before coming to May's Place Hospice.

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