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Learn about the important role Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering plays in health care technology management.

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Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering (LMBME) focuses primarily on health care technology management by providing a wide range of technical and engineering expertise.

Under Providence Health Care (PHC), LMBME serves four health organizations in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia:

  • Fraser Health Authority (FHA​)
  • Providence Health Care (PHC)
  • Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)
  • Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)

LMBME acts as the technology resource and manages medical devices throughout their entire life cycle; starting from the planning for purchase and development of specifications stage, through the purchasing, implementation, maintenance, and finally, end of life and disposition stage.

LMBME's 190+ technologists support more than 100,000 medical devices spread across 27 major hospitals and additional sites such as correctional facilities, dialysis units, etc.

LMBME also plays a key role in technology management related to patient safety. It conducts medical equipment incident investigations, monitors medical equipment recalls and alerts, and identifies potential hazards with medical technology.

What we do

Step behind the scenes of modern medicine with our biomedical engineering technologists. They're the wizards who play an essential role in ensuring the seamless operation of medical devices. If you are passionate about science, technology, and making a real impact on people’s lives, consider a career as a biomedical engineering technologist. Join us on this journey to explore the possibilities and kick-start your exciting career in healthcare technology!

Biomedical Engineering Technologists - Unsung Heroes of Healthcare
Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering - Who we are and What we do

Where we work

LMBME personnel are permanently deployed in 20 hospitals, supporting a total of 27 major hospitals and additional sites such as correctional facilities, dialysis units, etc. in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia:

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Mission, Vision and Values

Careers in Biomedical Engineering

Post-secondary Schools -  Education and Training

Co-op student info

  • Students enrolled in related studies have the opportunity to work alongside Biomedical Engineering Technologists at LMBME sites across the Lower Mainland.
  • Year-round opportunities to facilitate summer, fall and winter work terms
  • Engineering Internships (typically one vacancy in the winter and two vacancies in the summer term)

Job Postings

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Contact us

For general inquiries, please contact: bmeclerical@vch.ca

For medical device alerts, recalls, and incident-related purposes, please contact: BMEAlerts@vch.ca