Health system update

The B.C. health system was impacted by the global CrowdStrike disruption on July 18. We are pleased to share that, due to the tremendous efforts by everyone involved in this response, the risk is now managed. We thank our staff and medical staff for quickly implementing contingency plans to ensure that our health care services remained operational. Thank you to our patients, residents and families for their understanding and patience.


Patient Health Education Materials (PHEM)

Learn more about our patient, resident and caregiver materials catalogue, and access the resources we have available.

Patient looking up information on a touchscreen device


Patient Health Education Materials (or PHEM) are documents used to inform patients, residents, caregivers, and family members about a variety of health topics. 

You can read more about:

  • Conditions
  • Recovery instructions
  • Disease management
  • Tests and exam preparation
  • Surgery preparation

To access the PHEM online resource catalogue:

PHEM catalogue

You can search for education materials by title, category or catalogue number. Translated versions of some materials are also available.

PHEM Committee

The PHEM committee is a group of health care professionals and patient/family partners. They meet monthly to review materials used by patients, residents and families at Providence Health Care. The committee aims to ensure documents are relevant, clear, and understandable.