Youville Residence

Room Rates + Other Charges

The room rates and charges are currently under development.

At this time, there is a draft policy on the daily rates and criteria for the people receiving care at Parkview. MSP does not pay for cable television, bus transportation, special activities, hairdressing, podiatry and other “extras”. Charges for services not covered by MSP are added to the resident’s monthly comfort fund statement. Telephone charges are billed directly to the patient/family by TELUS or other service providers. Statements are prepared for accounts with a balance owing at the end of each month. Interest is charged on overdue accounts. Payment can be made by pre-approved payment (automatic withdrawal from the bank), mail, or cheque dropped off at the site. A summary of the rent payments can be issued upon request by contacting Providence’s Finance Department (604-875-5045 ext. 20128) and mailed out to the family.