St. Vincent's: Langara

Info for Clients + Families

The Alder unit serves a complex group of clients with neuropsychiatric conditions.

The Alder unit serves clients between the ages of 18 – 64 years who have a range of neuropsychiatric conditions. Our clients have a range of neuropsychiatric conditions of traumatic, non-traumatic brain injury, electrical malfunction, extrinsic toxic metabolic disturbances and somatoform disorders. Our clients have a complexity of psychiatric and behavioural dysfunction requiring the interventions of a robust interdisciplinary team in an appropriately staffed, designated facility that is safe and secure. They may also display severe psychiatric and behavioural disturbances that can be intense and intractable and whose neuropsychiatric disorders exceed a threshold of psychiatric and/or behavioural dysfunction.

Staying at Alder Unit

Client length of stays range from 18 months to a length determined by the individual’s specific needs.

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