St. Vincent's: Brock Fahrni

Health Care Team

Meeting your health care team.

A typical health care team consists of the resident, the family, registered nurses, registered care assistants, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, rehab assistants, a social worker, a dietitian, a pastoral caregiver, a pharmacist and the family physician. Professional nursing care is provided on a 24-hour basis. The unit clerk, located at the nursing station, can assist with any questions residents have. The resident’s family physician can continue to provide care, as long as he or she has admitting privileges with one of the Providence hospitals and with the understanding that the physician must be available after hours. Alternatively, Brock Fahrni’s physician can take over the medical care of residents.

It's very important that the resident and/or family have a discussion early on with the physician and team about the kinds of medical care that best meets your needs. Advanced care planning involves speaking both with your health care team, and your family or friends, about your medical care when you cannot express your wishes yourself. Key topics include resuscitation, end of life decisions, blood transfusions and/or IV therapy.