Providence Crosstown Clinic

Staff and Visitor Safety

Your safety and comfort during your time here, is our top concern.

Clinic Rules

Rights and Responsibilities of Clients of Providence Crosstown Clinic

  1. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect
  2. You may store your belongings at your own risk at the clinic for a short time while you use the injection room, or when providing a urine sample
  3. Staff is not responsible for your belongings, monetary funds or mail
  4. Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in three steps; a verbal warning, letter of expectation and a behaviour contract.  If it continues then we may not be able to continue to provide care for you.

Situations that may result in a behavioural contract or dismissal from receiving services at Providence Crosstown Clinic include:

  •        Threatening or violent behaviour towards staff or other clients
  •        Diversion or theft of any medications
  •        Theft of clinic, staff or client property
  •        Drug dealing on or around the premises
  •        Using illicit drugs or alcohol within the clinic


1. To feel safe
2. To feel respected
3. To be in a place of respite
4. To be unharmed physically, emotionally and psychologically
5. To be in a clean environment
6. To receive appropriate support and attention
7. To receive treatment in a safe and supportive environment
8. To have a voice


1. To respect the hours of the clinic and come during posted clinic times
2. To arrive and leave the clinic in an orderly fashion and not loiter
3. To help create and maintain a safe, clean place
4. To not harm others 
5. To conduct yourself in a reasonable manner
6. To not use alcohol on-site
7. To not smoke on-site
8. To not deal, exchange, share or pass anything while in the clinic.
9. To not use or display weapons on-site
10. To care for your own belongings and not leave them at the clinic
11. To not display money
12. To follow direction of Clinic staff
13. To not walk around with an uncapped syringe
14. To not bring pets of any kind into the clinic
15. To not solicit sex on site
16. To respect the property and privacy of others in the clinic