Holy Family Hospital

Info for Residents + Families

Browse this section for information on living at Holy Family Residence, including rent rates, health care teams, what to bring with you and more.


Welcome to Holy Family, a recognized leader in the provision of specialized rehabilitation for older adults and residential care.

Resident Services

Browse through this section to learn about our resident services including pharmacy, pastoral care, cafeteria services, laundry, newspapers and more.

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Resident Rights + Responsibilities

http://file:///C:/Users/jkarasick/Downloads/adultcare_bill_of_rights%20(1).pdfIt is important for your comfort and safety, that you know your rights and responsibilities while living here.

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Patient Records

Protecting your privacy and health records is of the utmost importance to us.

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Care Plan

Supporting you in every area of your life here.
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Health Care Team

Meeting your health care team.
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Well Wishes Email Service

Send a message to a friend or family member in hospital.
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Living Here

We are committed to creating a safe environment for everyone where residents, their families, and our staff treat each other with the greatest respect.
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Room Rates + Other Charges

Residents must have medical insurance coverage while they live here.
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Sharing Rooms

Roommates can help you get to know your community and help you feel less lonely.
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What To Bring

There is a lot to think about when coming to Holy Family Hospital. Here is a checklist to help make your visit easier.

What to Bring

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Cash Account

Please do not keep cash on you.
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Our social workers work with you and your family to make transfers occur as smoothly as possible.
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Electrical Items

Please read this carefully before bringing in electronics.
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Please talk with us about your wishes.
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If you receive an invoice/statement from us, you may pay using any of the options listed below.

How can I pay?
We accept payment from the following methods:

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