MSW Student Internship at Providence Health Care

We are proud of the reputation of Providence Health Care in providing excellent patient and family care. The objective of the Social Work Internship Program is to provide diversified training opportunities and ensure a high standard of Social Work practice in health care through a consistent approach in field education, practice and clinical supervision. 

The MSW internship program establishes a formal hospital based internship program for mature social work students.  The internship program works closely with the UBC School of Social Work in order to enhance the practical experiences provided by the hospital with the theoretical framework provided in the course work. Rather then one block placement, the selected interns will move through 4 different rotations of working in a different unit, with an assigned field instructor to each rotation.

  • All social work interns will be expected to rotate through key areas of Acute Medicine, a Community Health, Urban Health/Mental Health and Residential Care. Interns will be assigned to various areas in the multiple sites across PHC.
  • In addition to the work related experiences, the social work interns learning experience will be enhanced with related, weekly, small group in-services and workshops to build on knowledge base associated with practice.


  • This internship runs 3 days per week from September to the end of March. Interns have the month of December off. Interns will be in the field 2 days per week, being the Monday and Tuesday. Additionally, Friday will be divided into small group workshops in the morning with supervision and coaching scheduled for the afternoon. Specific days of attendance will be finalized in collaboration with UBC. Hours of the placement are approximately 8:30 am– 16:30 pm depending on the assigned area. 

Clinical Supervision:

  • Interns will be expected to meet as a group on a weekly basis with the Clinical Supervisor to further develop skill base and best practice. Regular process recordings and case presentations are expected to be discussed during the weekly group supervision. Additionally, the clinical supervisor will meet with individual interns on a bi-weekly basis to review and reflect individual practice and case studies The Clinical Supervisor will be responsible to collaborate with the involved field instructors and complete the midterm and final evaluations for UBC.

Reflective Mentoring

  • Interns will be assigned a reflective Mentor who will meet with them on a bi-weekly (alternating with individual supervision) basis to reflect on their practice, concerns and/or dilemmas. This time provides the interns an opportunity to set aside thoughtful time to self-reflect on practice in a nonjudgmental and non-evaluative way to promote personal and professional growth. Reflective mentors will be meeting on an ongoing basis for clinical support. During these meetings, mentors will do their best to safeguard confidentiality during their discussions of their clients.

Process for Admission:

  • Prospective social work interns are to submit their resumes and letter of interest to the Field Placement Coordinator at UBC, Laura Harvey at 604 822 5302. Cover letters should be addressed to the Social Work Practice Leader at PHC, Cheryl Jolliffe. Interviews are conducted by a panel at St. Paul’s Hospital. Successful applicants will be notified prior to the end of July. The internship will be maintained at a small group in order to provide the required supervision necessary in an acute care setting. For any questions regarding the PHC Social Work Student Internship, please contact Meghan McMenamie, Coordinator of the Internship Program at or at 604-874-1141 ext. 78647 or 604-682-2344 ext. 62093.