Occupational Health and Safety resources

Employee Absence Call Line (EARL)

EARL is a 24/7 phone system that all PHC employees, management included, are required to call whenever they need to report an absence from their scheduled work. Click here for more information. 


Many diseases can be prevented with immunization. As a healthcare worker there is a risk of exposure to communicable diseases in the workplace and immunization helps protect your health and prevents disease transmission. Click here for more about the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) recommended immunizations for Health Care Workers.

PHC Staff Mental Health & Mental Wellness Toolkit

Within this site you'll find tools, information and resources intended to help increase your awareness of your mental health, provide support during necessary times, build-up self-care strategies and offer linkages to crisis, community and PHC resources and programs.

Employee Guide to Sick Time

Click here for more information about the sick call process, proof of illness and frequently asked questions.

Respect At Work

Respect has long been a core value at PHC, as represented by the “R” in the SISTER values. We aspire to a respect culture, where all of us respect the diversity, dignity and interdependence of all persons.

To raise the bar on how well we live this value, PHC has expanded its services and resources. These services support our focus on a mentally healthy workplace and our ongoing strategy to foster communities where our people thrive.

Find all Respect at Work resources and services here.

Violence Prevention

Violence Happens. Training Helps.

Providence Health Care is committed to protect workers from workplace violence; providing violence prevention training is an important part of the overall violence prevention program. The Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum* is available now for all staff.


This page is under construction. For more Occupational Health Resources, please visit our internal website from a PHC/VCH networked workstation.