Our culture

The culture at Providence attracts the best of the best.

The Providence difference

You might have heard about the unique work culture at Providence Health Care. Many say that it's because we're a mission-based organization and because we're smaller, more nimble and therefore more flexible than B.C.'s other health authorities. Those things are true! 

But breaking it down, we believe that the ingredients of our culture also consist of these four things:

  • One part: Showing a strong commitment to social justice, including working towards reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, and keeping these issues at the forefront of our day-to-day work.
  • One part: Creating a sense of inclusivity, diversity, belonging, and community that we value, nurture, and truly experience in our workplace.
  • One part: Paying attention to each employee's desires for learning and investing in education that centres around them.
  • One part: Support for every individual to innovate! To create and voice ideas that can actually make things better for ourselves and for patients and residents.

Furthermore, when these ingredients are combined, it leads to a significant outcome — excellence. It's a recipe for success! 

In short, our culture draws excellent humans to Providence. These individuals are exceptional in their skills, abilities, motivation, and moral compass. The culture also keeps these exceptional individuals at Providence because their qualities are celebrated and reinforced every day. They also get to interact with other excellent humans, which makes them want to stay.

Please join us to become part of the special culture at Providence Health Care.