Providence Crosstown Clinic client & family guide

Information for clients visiting Providence Crosstown Clinic.

Nurse smiling and working at the reception

About this clinic

Providence Crosstown Clinic offers comprehensive substance use services. Our clinic has an on-site pharmacy with injectable opioid therapy. We also offer ongoing care for chronic conditions like diabetes.

The Crosstown Clinic is a pioneer in treating substance use.

We were the first clinic in North America to offer diacetylmorphine to people with chronic substance use issues. Conventional treatments had not helped these patients. (Diacetylmorphine is medical-grade heroin.)

Our clinic has a team of physicians and nurses. The team also has social workers and dietitians.

Our goal is to help you with your wellness and to achieve stability in your life. We do this by stabilizing your substance use and by connecting you to services like primary, specialist and mental health care.

We also help you get housing, legal advice and employment.