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Medical Affairs: What do we do?

The Medical Affairs team at PHC oversees the activities described below as they relate to PHC’s Medical Staff:

  • Support department and division heads recruit and retain medical staff
  • Recruit and retain medical staff for leadership roles
  • Medical Staff human resource planning
  • Contract management and compensation (e.g. administrative stipend, clinical/academic, sessional, assigned Fee-For-Service, medical/on-call availability, diagnostic) (i.e., all non-Fee-For-Service remuneration)
  • Professional and personal development, as well as performance evaluation
  • Medical Staff leadership support
  • Engagement in decision-making and planning processes
  • External relations and reporting (e.g., BC Medical Association, Ministry of Health, VCH)
  • Medical Staff conduct and behaviour
  • Quality-of-care
  • Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and sub-committee support
  • Enabling activities
  • Creating transparent governance frameworks
  • Policy development

Our goals of the website for medical staff at Providence Health Care include:

  • Improving collaborative practice – easy access to information about their own areas and other specialties. Support is available when and where they need it.
  • Improving patient care experience – access to forms, systems, processes and policies that allow the best provision of care
  • Improving provider experience - timely access to PHC information from wherever they work. The result is more effectiveness and efficiency in their work.
  • Improving knowledge of individual medical staff – positive effect on patient management and outcomes. medical staff have improved access to information required.
  • Improving knowledge of individual medical staff that will positively affect patient management and outcomes – greater access to necessary information.

Please check out our Med Staff website and browse through our news and events and support pages.

Medical Staff Website