Innovarium is Providence’s innovation engine. We connect people, systems, infrastructure, and partners to drive health innovation.


For over 130 years, Providence has supported extraordinary people. They have discovered and implemented new and better ways to deliver health care. They have answered problems once thought unsolvable.  

Innovarium builds on this impressive history. It provides a model for creative and supported collaboration, focusing on the research, development, testing and implementation of novel ideas, new models of care, and new tools. Our goal is to sustainably improve health care. We break traditional barriers to health care innovation through public and private partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration, and a sense of compassion that is both mission and outcome driven.

Providence Health Care has a top-rated teaching hospital and several world-renowned research centres. It also houses a clinical academic campus for the UBC Faculty of Medicine, and thriving community outreach programs.

Innovarium offers a unique depth of integration across care, research, teaching and outreach, providing innovators with connections to thought leaders and a clinical environment for in-clinic evaluation. It also provides a pathway to system implementation and global partnerships. 

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Innovarium Elements

Innovarium connects various elements of innovation from across Providence. This unified structure enables us to bring innovative discoveries to the health care system faster. We coordinate efforts and provide resources for continual improvements and advancements.

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