Equity, diversity & inclusion

Providence Health Care is committed to examining and improving our equity, diversity and inclusion efforts. You can learn about our plan here.

Towards better EDI

At Providence Health Care, we realize that we live in a society where system-level barriers, biases and unfair treatment continue to limit the rights and opportunities of certain people and communities. This is why we created a dedicated Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Team in 2020.

The EDI Team helps Providence on its path toward addressing inequality in our society and organization. The EDI Team also supports PHC employees and medical staff with individual journeys toward equity, diversity and inclusion. We do this through education, awareness and meaningful discussion.

The EDI Team is working across the organization to create an equity, diversity and inclusion strategy. This strategy has dedicated resources. It will include an action plan for all aspects of our organization as a care provider and a workplace.

Our four asp​irations

The EDI Team developed and is guided by four aspirations. Each aspiration aims to improve different aspects of the way we deliver care. From the people we hire to our efforts in the community, we aspire to be inclusive of every individual. ​​

They are called “aspirations” to acknowledge Providence is not yet free of prejudice and biases. We hope these aspirations clearly say that we work daily and with intention to create a more inclusive and equitable environment.

It's our responsibility now as people who have privilege and have the ability to change things to start rebuilding this new post-pandemic world… one of the things we can we can do is address those structures of inequity, power, racism + colonialism.

Fiona Dalton, CEO, Providence Health Care


  • Fall 2023: Providence-wide EDI survey results
  • January 2024: Drafting of EDI Action Plan
  • April 2024: Begin implementation of EDI Action Plan


At Providence we define equity, diversity and inclusion in the following ways:


Do you have a question about equity, diversity & inclusion at Providence Health Care? Contact the EDI team at edi@providencehealth.bc.ca