Giving birth at St. Paul's Hospital

Information and resources to support you while giving birth at St. Paul’s Hospital.

To deliver your baby at St. Paul’s Hospital, you will need to find a care provider to look after you during pregnancy and childbirth. 

Your care provider can be a family doctor, registered midwife or obstetrician, depending on your health-care needs and personal preferences. If your baby has any medical issues during your hospital stay, a pediatrician may also be part of your care team.

  • Preparing for your delivery

    Getting ready, when to come, and what to expect when you arrive and during your stay.

  • Having a planned caesarean birth

    Everything you need to know about having a planned caesarean birth at St. Paul's Hospital.

  • Vaginal birth after a caesarean

    It is common for pregnant people to have a vaginal birth after a caesarean section.