Pre-Heart Transplant Clinic

During your visit

During a series of visits, your care team will do assessments to decide whether a transplant is right for you. Depending on your disease and other conditions, the heart transplant clinic team will review all suitable options with you and your loved ones. We will also try all other treatment options before considering heart transplantation. These options include medications and surgery.

Meet the team

Clinical Pharmacist – Ambulatory

Bashir, Jamil – Heart Transplant Surgeon

Bateni, Bita – Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

Brownjohn, Kim – Patient/Nurse Educator (for patient surnames H-M)

Cheung, Anson – Surgical Director, Heart Transplant Program

Chiu, Wynne – Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clarke, Brian – Medical Director, Heart Transplant Program

Cockell, Sarah – Psychologist (for patient surnames M-Z)

Davis, Margot – Heart Transplant Cardiologist

Farquhar, Angela – Clerical Assistants (for patient surnames M-Z)

Lichtenstein, Kevin – Heart Transplant Surgeon

Milligan, Rachel – Patient/Nurse Educator (for patient surnames O-Z)

Mackey, Josie – Patient/Nurse Educator (for patient surnames A-G)

Macleod, Stefanie – Patient Care Manager

Moore, Katrien – Clinic Nurse (vacation relief)

Neal, Rachael – Psychologist (for patient surnames A-L)

Sporer, Margaret – Clerical Assistant (for patient surnames A-L)

Toma, Mustafa – Heart Transplant Cardiologist

Virani, Sean – Heart Transplant Cardiologist