Heart Function Clinic

During your visit

During your first visit, you will go over your full medical and family medical history with the team of specialists. This includes an overview of your medications and your current eating habits. The care team will explain what changes need to be made to help with your condition.

At the clinic, we will teach you how to recognize the signs of heart failure and when to call for help.

Your care team will discuss any questions and concerns you have during your visits to the clinic. They will also create a personalized care plan to help slow the progress of your heart failure. Our goal is to give you the support and education you need to live and enjoy your life with heart failure.

Meet the team

Chiu, Wynne – Clinical Nurse Specialist

Hawkins, Nathaniel – Medical Director, Heart Function Clinic Program & Regional Heart Failure Program

Knoll, Jenny – Patient Educator

Macleod, Stefanie – Patient Care Manager

Moreno, Susan – Clerical Assistant (New Patients)

Ordano, Nicki – Patient Care Manager, Clerical Team

Yee, Patty – Regional HF Triage Clerk