Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

During your visit

Thanks to our patient-centered model, during in-person clinic visits you see all or most of the team members. This includes the dietitian, doctor, nurse, respiratory technician, physiotherapist, pharmacist, and social worker.

Hospital care

When you are sick, we encourage you to phone the clinic to speak to a nurse for an assessment, to seek medical advice from another healthcare provider, or to request admission into hospital.

The nurse, physician, and the inpatient unit will arrange for admission to St. Paul’s Hospital. Outside of office hours, patients should call the hospital switchboard at 604-682-2344 and ask for the CF doctor on-call. If it is an emergency, patients should go to their nearest emergency department.

The majority of CF patients are hosted on the 7th Floor, Providence Building of St. Paul’s Hospital.

When coming into hospital, we ask you to bring the following:

  • Your airway clearance device
  • Any medications that are not on the hospital formulary (e.g. MVW multivitamins, CFTR modulators, oral contraceptives, etc.)
  • Your glucose monitoring devices
  • Any special CF personal care items you use at home
  • If you are unsure of which medications to bring, you can ask the CF pharmacist