Kristen Wald - RN, Mental Health Case Coordinator

“I find it really inspiring that a lot of the youth I meet with have been through the most challenging circumstances but they are still able to meet with us and work on goals, such as wanting to go back to school”.

Aggie Black - Research Leader, Professional Practice

Aggie Black - Research Leader, Professional Practice

I love my job. It gives me the opportunity to hear about clinicians’ innovative ideas, give them a research refresher course, a mentor and some funding, then watch them take off.“

Jackie Koufie - Operations Leader, Maternity and NICU

I’ve had a wonderful support structure; our directors in particular, Cheryl Bishop and now Linda Lemke, have been fantastic. They’ve done a great job creating a safe environment for me to ask questions and go to them about anything. My fellow OLs are a great group, and my advisors in HR and Finance have done a great job keeping me out of trouble.

Carol Dixon - Mission Services and Volunteer Resources

“Volunteers bring fresh faces and enthusiasm to the halls, which I think our staff appreciate. The admiration our volunteers project helps remind staff that 'oh yeah, it is nice to be me.'”

Shelley Browne—Health Information Management

There’s a myth out there that HIM employees just push paper around, but the truth is that we’re so much more. We’re very much a part of the healthcare team and contribute directly to healthcare delivery.” 

Gina Walther - Registered Nurse, Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit

Nursing has made up the backbone of St Paul’s Hospital since it was founded in 1894. The nursing school housed there for over 60 years trained thousands of dedicated nurses, and Gina is a great example of how that dedication continues to this day.

Yasmine Roulleau de La Roussière—administrative fellow

People say PHC is ‘different,’ but nobody can put their finger on why that is. I think the difference is the supportive environment from the very top. PHC pumps people up instead of letting competition tear them down.”

Craig Harris—Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

“I love the variety in my role. I work across seven sites in both clinical and non-clinical settings which allows me to work on solving a wide array of problems. This also allows me to see how solutions in one area can be applied to others, which can be quite interesting.”

Danielle Richards – Infection Control Practitioner

“I think PHC’s IPAC department is on the cutting edge. Our onsite laboratory is world class and gives us a big advantage as get results much sooner. The Infection Control Practitioners are well supported by a team of Medical Microbiologists which  allows our team to take a comprehensive approach to every case.”

Liz Jolley - Operations Leader, Medicine

I want to know what PHC staff think will work in PHC units, within PHC’s culture. The Gallup survey measures what we do currently, but I want to look into the things that we’re not doing, the things we’re missing.”

Sandra Squire - Physiotherapist

In my experience at PHC, nobody says ‘no’ to new ideas. Instead, the question is, ‘how can we make this work?’ So I've felt very supported and encouraged to explore.”

Ian Peters - Physiotherapist

“The public sector allows me to work with patients over a longer period and help them achieve greater progress. In private practice, clients are paying for each visit, so they usually leave as soon they stop feeling pain. As a result, and contrary to what I had expected, I have found I get to use higher level skills more consistently at SPH than in the private clinic, and am able to treat my patients through to the end of their rehab.”

Alison Hoens - Physiotherapist

“Be open to opportunities and possibilities. If you want something that doesn't exist, help to create it for yourself and the profession.Participate and contribute at every opportunity. Pay close attention to your  own experiences with patients so that you can recognize patterns in different patient populations that can inform your decisions as to what is the most appropriate treatment for a particular patient as a specific phase in their disease process/recovery.”

Jami Bennet - Physiotherapist

The singular focus of almost every patient on being able to walk really surprised me. Wanting to walk and use the bathroom independently is a huge motivator for a lot of the patients I’ve worked with in acute care to work with a physio. Helping somebody make it to the toilet isn’t glamorous, but it’s incredibly rewarding to make that progress with them. It usually lays the groundwork of confidence and motivation to get moving.

Kevin Scott - Medical Device Reprocessing Technician

MDRD is more than just cleaning. Most people overlook that we’re also responsible for disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, assembling, and sterilizing all of the medical devices. This requires incredible attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of how each device is operated.”

Providence and patients file constitutional challenge to Federal Government's decision

Providence and five patients launched a constitutional challenge to overturn a recent decision by the federal government that prevents the delivery of life-saving treatment to vulnerable addictions patients.

Providence and five patients launched a constitutional challenge to overturn a recent decision by the federal government that prevents the delivery of life-saving treatment to vulnerable addictions patients.