Meet Dr. David Wood, structural and interventional cardiologist at both St. Paul's and Vancouver General Hospital, who has been at the forefront of heart innovation and changing the way the world views minimally invasive heart-valve surgery since he arrived at Providence Health Care six years ago.

Dr. David Wood has been described as a rising star in the cardiovascular community and was recently selected to receive the 2014 Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) Young Investigator of the Year runner-up award. As a founding member of the Centre for Heart Valve Innovation (CHVI), he has been instrumental in refining the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure and helping pioneer the ground-breaking Vancouver Multidisciplinary, Multimodality but Minimalist (3M) Clinical Pathway. In conjunction with Dr. John Webb and Dr.

Cheryl McDonald — Clinical Resource Nurse

Code H (Help) expanded to surgical units 9CD and 10AB at St. Paul’s Hospital on February 26 and was recently awarded as a Leading Practice by Accreditation Canada. We sat down with Cheryl McDonald to talk about Code H and her role supporting patients and families as a clinical resource nurse (CRN).

What is your title?
I am a clinical resource nurse at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Sonia Hardern — ThinkPHC

Sonia Hardern, a member of PHC's Research & Design team.

Sarah Thomas — Home Hemodialysis

How did you get to where you are now?

Carmen Sima — PhD candidate, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Laboratory

This March on BLOOM we’re focusing on lung health. We sat down with Carmen Sima, a PhD candidate in Rehabilitation Sciences at UBC who is working in the St. Paul's Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Laboratory.

Jane Burns — COPD Outreach Team & CST

This March on BLOOM we’re focusing on lung health. We sat down with Jane Burns to talk about her work with the COPD Outreach Team and her new role with the Clinical & Systems Transformation project.

What is your title?
Currently I am working with the CST project as an associate team lead, Orders and Results Team. Prior to this, I was the team lead for the COPD Outreach Team at St. Paul’s and Mount Saint Joseph Hospitals.

Dr. Daphne Ling — Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences

Dr. Daphne Ling is a postdoctoral fellow in Personalized Medicine, a joint position with the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS) at PHC and the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Dr. Bruce McManus — Institute for Heart + Lung Health & PROOF Centre

Given Providence's affinity for exploring the undefined realms of medicine (think TAVI, telehealth, breakthroughs with HIV/AIDS, etc.) it's not surprising that some of the world's most innovative work in the field of personalized medicine, molecular markers and genomic testing is being done at PHC.

Janis McGladrey — Director, Cardiac/Lung Program

“I’ve always felt that patients can teach us a lot about the care we provide. Many of The Heart Centre’s committees include patients and families to help facilitate that feedback.”

I Heart My Job

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Vanna Lymberopolous - Volunteer at St. Paul's Hospital

“I get that cliché warm, fuzzy feeling from helping people. You can imagine how boring it can be to sit on a dialysis machine in an uncomfortable position, while you’re not feeling well.”

Annemarie Kaan - Clinical Nurse Specialist

“Canada was on my list of potential destinations as I’d always been captivated by the snow, mountains and wildlife. I figured I’d try it out for maybe 2 years. 14 years later I realized I’d kind of forgotten to go home. I love my team, I love the work and I love this city.”

Shelley Fraser — Professional Practice & Nursing

Caption: Shelley Fraser has always found herself gravitating back to Providence.

By Jodi Gillich

Providence Health Care’s mission, vision and values have always been a good fit for Shelley Fraser.

In 1989, Shelley started at St. Paul’s as a student nurse. In the years that followed, she moved around a lot, took time off to have twin boys — now 15 — and get her Master’s Degree in Nursing. But she always found herself gravitating back to Providence.

Her current role focuses on education strategy. This has allowed her to focus on her passion for teaching and creating strong cultures of learning.

Flavia Mandic - Clinical Care Analyst

“For anybody looking at making a change from being a front line nurse I’d want them to know that even though you aren’t working with patients at the bed side you can still play an important role in their care.”


“We come in and ask relevant questions to help stimulate ethical reflection. To give people a way, a process for thinking about the problems they’re confronting.”

Dianne Doyle - President and Chief Executive Officer

Leadership isn’t about the position, it’s about behavior; anybody can be a leader at any time, in any situation. No matter what your title is, there will always be opportunities to develop your leadership skills and to put them into action.