Joining Providence as an international applicant?

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an open work permit, can I work for Providence?
Depending on the duration of your work permit and the other candidates that apply, we may employ non-residents with temporary work permits.
I have a Canadian work permit but it is with a different employer, will you accept my application?
In order to change the employer on your work permit, we may need to apply for a Labour Market Opinion first. This would then accompany your change in employer application with Immigration Canada.
My registration is still in progress when do I apply?
Depending on your occupation, applications will be accepted at different stages of your registration so we encourage your application if you have at the very least started the registration process. For most occupations you must be at a provisional or practicing stage. For nursing, please visit CRNBC. Once you have received your letter of eligibility or your Form 8.1a we will consider your application.