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Welcome to Holy Family, a recognized leader in the provision of specialized rehabilitation for older adults and residential care.

Fiona Dalton

Fiona Dalton became President and Chief Executive Officer of Providence Health Care on April 23, 2018. She brings more than 23 years of health care experience to Providence.

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Christopher E. De Bono

Christopher E. De Bono was appointed Vice President of Mission, People and Ethics at Providence Health Care in 2016.

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Dr. Ronald Carere

Dr. Ronald Carere became acting Vice President, Medical Affairs in May of 2010 and Vice President proper in February 2011.

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Leanne Heppell

Leanne Heppell was appointed as Chief Operating Officer Acute Care and Chief of Professional Practice and Nursing in April 2015.

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Shaf Hussain

Shaf Hussain was appointed Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement in 2011.

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Dr. Paul Man

Dr. Paul Man was appointed Vice President of Research and Academic Affairs at Providence Health Care and president of the Providence Health Care Research Institute in 2016.

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Deborah Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell was appointed Vice President Seniors Care, Organizational Strategy and Partnerships in June 2018.

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Yoel Robens-Paradise

Yoel Robens-Paradise is PHC's Vice President of Digital Health Informatics.

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Brian Woods

Brian Woods was appointed interim Chief Financial Officer in November 2017.

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