PHC technology enablers are being rolled out to support Virtual Health. Click here for information about Options for Wet Signature Requirement for Health Authority Prescribers Working from Home.

One of the options is SRFax, a secure email-to-fax service that is available for use for providers (physicians and nurse practitioners) who need the ability to prescribe remotely during the COVID-19 crisis. There are a few ways to use SRFax:

  1. If SRFax is integrated into your EMR, use it directly from your EMR.
  2. Generate a prescription in your EMR, add a digital signature and then use SRFax to email the prescription to a fax number. Click here for detailed instructions. 
  3. Scan a handwritten prescription using TurboScan on a mobile device and then send the prescription using SRFax. Instructions are here: Instructions for Installation and Use. Note that, to facilitate teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic, PHC has temporarily suspended the need to request permission to enable your PHC email on your personal device. All staff are able to access their PHC emails and Outlook calendar directly through their personal smartphone. Click here and refer to the details under “How do I access work email on my mobile device?”