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Province won’t pony up money for DTES plan

Housing Minister Rich Coleman says the provincial government will not contribute money to the city’s $1 billion plan to revitalize the Downtown Eastside over the next 30 years. And his counterpart in Ottawa, Social Development Minister Candice Bergen, is leaving Coleman’s government to make any spending decisions on federal money set aside for affordable housing in B.C. “We’re not going to be involved,” Coleman told the Courier. “It doesn’t meet any of our priorities or match up to anything we are doing.”

Vancouver’s Portland Hotel Society gives alcoholics the harm-reduction treatment

Valerie was living on the streets of Vancouver, sleeping in the park with a plastic bag for a blanket.

She was a chronic, homeless alcoholic caught in the soul-crushing cycle of addiction on the city’s notorious Downtown Eastside.

“I was living on the streets and I was drinking Listerine and rubbing alcohol,” Valerie said in a video shot by staff at the Portland Hotel Society, one of five groups across Canada that has decided to extend to chronic alcohol addiction the controversial harm-reduction approach better known for treating heroin addicts.

City hopes Downtown Eastside plan will transform neighbourhood, stabilize low-income community

The City of Vancouver’s ambitious plan for the Downtown Eastside goes to council Wednesday and there are concerns about whether the plan is the right solution for the troubled neighbourhood.

The 300 page plan maps out development in the area east of the downtown core for the next 30 years, while striving to preserve the neighbourhood’s low-income community.


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B.C. heroin addicts still without prescription heroin despite Health Canada permission

Six months after getting Health Canada’s permission to use prescription heroin, a group of B.C. drug addicts are still waiting to receive what many professionals deem crucial supplies of the drug.

Providence Health, the organization approved to distribute the heroin, told iPolitics they have yet to receive the drug, despite placing an order with the manufacturer several months ago.

Annie Bergeron-Oliver Reports

Canada opposes ‘harm reduction’ in UN drug talks, NGO alleges

Canada appears to be taking a hardline approach to drug policy discussions underway in Austria, where UN member states are debating a joint statement on drugs ahead of a 2016 UN General Assembly session on drugs.

Heroin's resurgence as 'problem drug' in Canada

Heroin, a drug that had been dying out in use, is now seeing a resurgence in popularity that is worrying addictions experts.

Over the past several years, heroin has been centre stage at news conferences following big police drug busts.

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B.C. steps up measures to address viral hepatitis

New funding announced to support two projects that will help raise awareness about the transmission, treatment and prevention of viral hepatitis throughout the province.


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