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Feds could face legal showdown over addicts’ right to prescription heroin

Ottawa could face a legal showdown with some of Vancouver’s hardest-core addicts as they’re cut off from government-supplied heroin doctors say is their only viable treatment option.

BC health minister derides feds for pulling plug on heroin trial

BC's health minister said he is not pleased with the federal government's plans to crack down on prescribing unapproved drugs to treat patients.

BC health minister calls out federal move to ban heroin therapy

The B.C. health minister has come out against the federal health minister's decision to ban illicit drugs like heroin from being distributed under the Special Access Program, saying he has concerns about the government's decision. 

DTES heroin addicts concerned after federal decision

There’s growing concern a group of addicts are about to lose the only treatment that works for them – a regular dose of the active ingredient in heroin.

Health Minister Rona Ambrose’s heroin ban ‘ignores science’

Dave Murray tried to beat his heroin addiction with methadone treatments 10 different times since 1971. Nothing worked until he received diacetylmorphine – the active component of the illicit drug – as part of a Providence Health Care clinical trial that enabled him to stabilize his life, volunteer, form a support group and get healthier over the past year.

Ottawa vetoes prescription heroin treatment for addicts

Severely entrenched addicts who were recently granted Health Canada authorization to receive prescription heroin – a first in the country – will explore their legal options after the federal government announced it has banned the practice, effective immediately.


The politics of the heroin addict

If a society is judged by how its cares for its most vulnerable, we are basically faced with a test of what we are willing to try to help the most beleaguered. Consider the heroin addict.


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