Portland Hotel Society board hires former City of Vancouver finance director Ken Bayne

The former director of finance, planning and treasury for the City of Vancouver has been hired by the new board of directors of the Portland Hotel Society, likely as part of the management team.

Ken Bayne confirmed April 14 that he’d been hired by the new board, but added he could not at that time confirm exactly what his new position will be.

'We Were Seen as Quite Scary': PHS's Townsend

 Photo: Matt Kieltyka/Metro

There was a sense of relief in Vancouver on the morning of Dec. 14, 2002 when squatters began taking down their tent city around the vacant Woodward's building, filling six dumpsters with trash. The peaceful dismantling of the 92-day Woodsquat was largely organized by the Portland Hotel Society. The group's credibility with street people helped avert a potentially violent riot and expensive police action.

Pete McMartin: The Portland Hotel Society -- Oh. My. God.


I don’t know where to start.

There’s just so much that jumps out at you that’s egregious, hilariously improbable and, in the context of a social welfare agency the efforts of which should be entirely concentrated on the poor and marginalized, obscene.

Almost $9,000 in limousine charges. In one year.

Stays at the best hotel rooms — some of them approaching $900 a night — in Paris, Istanbul, Ottawa, Vienna, Los Angeles, New York City. (Personally, I can’t afford to stay at the Plaza.)

Pete McMartin Reports

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