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Mental health unit opened at St. Paul’s Hospital

Six months after Vancouver’s mayor declared a mental health crisis, the province has introduced a couple of measures to help out.

St. Paul’s Hospital is opening a nine-bed Acute Behavioural Stabilization Unit built to help patients for an average of two days each. An assertive outreach team will also help people with mental illness connect with services.

Jason Howe Reports

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New mental-health unit launches at St. Paul’s Hospital

A nine-bed emergency psychiatric unit will open at St. Paul’s Hospital this week.

B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake announced the new Acute Behavioural Stabilization Unit today (March 19), which will be open 24 hours a day and will consist of short-stay admissions of up to 48 hours.

The initiative was part of a plan released by the provincial government in November 2013, in response to a request from Vancouver’s mayor and police chief for more support for people with severe, untreated mental illnesses.

Yolande Cole Reports

Blood test offers a chance to predict Alzheimer’s

Researchers have developed a new blood test that may be able to tell individuals if they will develop Alzheimer’s disease, years before any symptoms appear.

But with no cure for Alzheimer’s, and with medication of only limited effect, such a predictive test poses a profound question for patients: Is it better to be aware of the approach of an inevitable disease, or to live on in relatively happy ignorance?

Carly Weeks Reports

B.C. announces new funding for mental health

B.C. HEALTH MINISTER Terry Lake has responded to Vancouver’s request for more support for people with severe, untreated mental illness with an “action plan” that includes a psychiatric unit at St. Paul's hospital and a new outreach team.

Mental-health programs must support youth

The mental-health crisis gripping Vancouver isn’t just a story about adults not getting necessary treatment, but youth too. And in the past decade few inroads have been made in helping a growing wave of young people get access to the mental-health services they require.


Life Lessons: Jennifer Duff

Jennifer Duff was just 33 when she was hired as director of mental health at Providence Health Care. She was promoted to the position after managing several nursing units at St. Paul's Hospital. She soon learned that making decisions at the director level also requires taking on a new level of responsibility.

Blue Monday Got You Down? Ideas for Staying Healthy and Happy

St. Paul's Hospital dietitian Lindsay Jang provides you some tips for a healthy 2013. This year will be the healthiest year yet! New workout gear? Check! Fridge stocked with leafy greens? Check! Wine bottle sealed tight? Check! Does this sound like a distant memory now that January is nearing an end and reality is setting in? It doesn’t have to be. Despite all of the good intentions, if you’re struggling to stay on track with those New Year’s resolutions right around now, you’re not alone.


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