Informed Dining

BC Informed Dining adds nutritional value to menus

Starbucks, McDonald's and Tim Hortons are joining restaurant chains in providing nutritional information on their menu items. 

The province announced Wednesday it is expanding its 'Informed Dining' program to 19 national restaurant chains. The program provides sodium content and caloric data on menu choices and will now be featured in 2,000 restaurant outlets in B.C.

When the program first launched in 2012, it was only adopted by 300 outlets. 

CBC News Reports

Informed Dining program continues to expand in BC

St. Paul’s Hospital dietitian, Tanya Leung, was interviewed about the Informed Dining program as part of a segment on BC1’s Unfiltered. This video is not yet available online but will be posted when it is available.

The “Informed Dining” program developed here in B.C. continues to expand across Canada, with almost 2,000 restaurants now signed on to the program.

Restaurants who are part of the program provide full nutritional information, focusing on calories and sodium.

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