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1,000th transcatheter heart valve procedure performed at St. Paul's Hospital

A heart valve procedure is enough to make any patient nervous, but Gisela Wegner didn’t show any nerves as doctors at St. Paul’s Hospital performed a transcatheter heart valve (THV) implantation on her while she lay awake without sedation. Wegner’s calm was even more impressive because the procedure was being broadcast around the world and to a conference of doctors in downtown Vancouver.

Replacement heart valve patient happy he went to St. Paul's Hospital

Robert Chidley addressed a crowd on June 5, 2014 to celebrate the 1,000th transcatheter heart valve (THV) procedure by the Centre for Heart Valve Innovation at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, BC. Chidley received a THV procedure at St. Paul's to replace a faulty valve in his heart. The Centre for Heart Valve Innovation at St. Paul's is recognized internationally as a pioneer of innovative, minimally invasive heart valve replacement procedures that provide an alternative for patients who are at higher risk for open-heart surgery.

1,000th Heart Valve Replacement at St. Paul's Hospital

Doctors in Vancouver have reached a major milestone. The team at St. Paul's have completed their 1,000th heart valve replacement and this time they had an audience. Doctors at a conference watched it live at a downtown hotel, and others around the world.

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