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Dr. Nazif and Dr. Krausz interview on CBC.ca BC Almanac

Dr. Nazif and Dr. Krausz join CBC on the BC Almanac show to discuss the Acute Behavioural Stabilization Unit at St. Pauls.

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Dr. Anna Nazif interview on CBC On the Coast

Dr. Anna Nazif was a guest of On the Coast on CBC with host Matthew Lazin-Ryder.

Click here to listen to the interview and scroll the video to 1:40:15. 

Dedicated downtown Vancouver mental health unit opens


A dedicated section has officially opened at St. Paul’s Hospital for cases of mental illness and addictions that previously saw patients treated in a cycle of “revolving doors.”

B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake said Wednesday the new $1.85-million acute behavioural stabilization unit would operate with referrals based on individual assessments by police and emergency room officials.

New mental-health unit launches at St. Paul’s Hospital

A nine-bed emergency psychiatric unit will open at St. Paul’s Hospital this week.

B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake announced the new Acute Behavioural Stabilization Unit today (March 19), which will be open 24 hours a day and will consist of short-stay admissions of up to 48 hours.

The initiative was part of a plan released by the provincial government in November 2013, in response to a request from Vancouver’s mayor and police chief for more support for people with severe, untreated mental illnesses.

Yolande Cole Reports

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