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Urgent need for injectable addiction treatment in B.C.: addictions minister

British Columbia’s addictions minister has asked health authorities to move quickly to increase use of an injectable drug that could save the lives of chronic substance users who haven’t responded to treatment with oral medication.

B.C. funding rapid-access treatment, public safety to address overdose crisis (Dr. Evan Wood)

 People on the front lines of British Columbia’s opioid overdose crisis are applauding the government’s announcement of more funding in an attempt to stem the death toll.

Portuguese expert urges Canada to declare overdose crisis a health emergency (Crosstown Clinic)

The head of Portugal’s addictions directorate is urging Canada to declare the opioid overdose crisis a national health emergency.

On Vancouver visit, Portugal’s renowned drug czar says fentanyl should be declared a national emergency (Crosstown Clinic)

Dr. João Goulão has received international attention for the lead role he played in Portugal’s fundamental shift in drug policy. It culminated with a massive investment in treatment options and, in 2001, the decriminalization of illicit narcotics, including cocaine and heroin. In subsequent years, such progressive policies resulted in invitations from around the world.

Methadone switch contributed to opioid crisis: drug users (BC Centre on Substance Use)

Drug users trying to quit heroin are gathered for a meeting in Vancouver with one mission in mind: to support each other through the struggles of a reformulated treatment drug they say hasn't worked and has instead contributed to the opioid epidemic.

Is the fentanyl situation an overdose crisis or a poisoning crisis? (BC Centre on Substance Use)

When someone drinks too much, we call it alcohol poisoning. 

Vancouver's supervised injection site struggles with the rise of fentanyl

Welfare Wednesday in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES): monthly cheques have just landed. Fresh $50 and $20 bills are flashing around. In this neighbourhood, regular government cash injections see a spike in the open drug trade. More heroin, cocaine, crystal meth. More consumption, more overdoses, and lately, much more death.

Séquelles souvent graves pour les survivants de surdoses (Dr. Keith Ahamed)

Les surdoses ne sont pas toutes fatales, mais les personnes qui ont survécu à un abus de drogue font face à d'immenses défis et elles figurent rarement dans les statistiques. Le coroner de la Colombie-Britannique n'a aucune donnée sur elles.

Vancouver Coastal Health expanding fentanyl testing to more locations

Now people can check their drugs at any of Vancouver's four overdose prevention sites.

Chilliwack to see new clinic opening this fall to treat opioid use disorder (BC Centre for Substance Use)

An out-patient clinic is opening this fall in Chilliwack General Hospital to provide Suboxone and methadone treatments for those struggling with opioid addiction.


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