Seniors’ Care

Seniors' care centre seeking 'angels' (St. Michael's Centre)

Burnaby’s St. Michael’s Centre needs some renovations to help brighten the living quarters for seniors and people in hospice care.

UBC program aims to train health care workers to manage aging population

A new program at UBC beginning in January aims to specially train health care workers for dealing with an aging population.

A special ‘neighbourhood’ for people with dementia (St. Paul's Hospital)

De Hogeweyk, known in English as “The Neighbourhood,” is a nursing home in the Netherlands that specializes in care for people with dementia. Unlike other care facilities, De Hogeweyk is a four-acre secure site where 150 residents can walk around the grounds safely so they can live their lives as normally as possible.

Study could help prevent falls among elderly

A UBC Okanagan researcher is looking at ways to help keep elderly residents safe and independent in their later years. One of the key aspects of her research is fall prevention.

Cystic fibrosis research: celebrating advances, helping seniors cope (St. Paul's Hospital)

Only a few decades ago, children with cystic fibrosis weren't expected to live long enough to reach elementary school.


Five signs your aging loved one might need help at home

My dad, Bernie, was a collector. Bernie passionately lectured me on the many uses of paper grocery bags as he carefully grouped them into stacks of 10, tied them with twine and filed them in the furnace room. He collected pens as if one day there might be a global ink shortage. The pens were grouped meticulously and filed in a special drawer.

Almost half of elderly patients miscalculate life expectancy

Almost half of elderly people don’t have an accurate sense of how much longer they’re likely to live, a problem that may lead some of them to make poorly informed medical decisions, a U.S. study suggests.

Geriatricians call for controversial change to health care for seniors

With the federal election campaign moving into fever pitch this week — we're focusing on an issue Canadian voters consistently rank as a top priority … but one you may not be hearing a lot about on the campaign trail.

B.C.'s long-term care homes seek bigger role with seniors

Long-term care homes in B.C. want to expand their role in medical treatment for the elderly, but will need one per cent of funding currently given to health 

Caregivers experience high stress levels

Living in smaller communities such as Powell River often means extra worries for unpaid caregivers looking after elderly spouses or parents, according to a senior’s advocate.


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