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The Band for a Closer Bond (Maternity, SPH)

This is a Canadian first! Tom Walsh tells us Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital is testing out a maternity positioning band that allows mothers who deliver their babies by C-section to safely engage in skin-to-skin contact.

Researchers are exploring the link between hearing loss and dementia (Dementia Village)

Remember when some experts were suggesting we’d find a cure for dementia within five to seven years? Turns out that was some five to seven years ago.

Teen’s death at B.C. summer festival deemed accidental (BCCSU)

The Kamloops teen who died at last year’s Centre of Gravity Festival suffered a seizure and cardiac arrest due to acute drug toxicity, according to a BC Coroner’s report released Thursday.

St Paul’s introduces first-in-Canada maternity Positioning Band (Scott Harrison, Maternity)

A local hospital is introducing a new maternity positioning band, the first of its kind in Canada.

St. Paul's Hospital first in Canada to offer maternity positioning band (Maternity, SPH)

A maternity positioning band is being offered at St. Paul’s Hospital to help mothers and their infants. It’s the first hospital in Canada to introduce Joeyband into its operating rooms, which allows mothers who deliver through C-section to safely engage in skin-to-skin contact with their babies.

Government launches initiative to renew B.C.’s Interior forestry industry (New SPH)

The British Columbia government is launching a regionally driven renewal of the province’s Interior forest industry, aimed at developing a competitive, sustainable future for forest companies, workers and communities.

More than 10,000 Canadians have died from opioid-related overdoses since 2016, public health data show (Dr. Evan Wood, BCCSU)

More than 10,300 Canadians have died of opioid-related overdoses in less than three years, according to new national data, an ominous figure that suggests efforts to curb the crisis are falling short.

St. Paul's Hospital trials new device for skin-to-skin care after C-sections (Maternity, SPH)

St. Paul’s Hospital has taken a cue from the kangaroo to keep moms and babies healthier and happier after a caesarean delivery.

Community picks new way for planned arterial through Strathcona (New SPH)

The community group assembled by the City of Vancouver to recommend a new arterial road through Strathcona has come back with their preferred route, selecting an option that wasn’t initially on the table.

In Vancouver, front-line workers are facing ‘a different kind of overdose’ in new synthetic drug (Dr. Keith Ahamad)

A drug chemically similar to medication for anxiety and sleep disorders that is being cut into heroin and fentanyl is suspected of contributing to a spate of overdoses that leave some users unconscious for hours at a time.


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