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Archbishop anoints patients at Mount St. Joseph (MSJ, PHC)

The Catholic chaplain at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital said staff and patients are feeling comforted and inspired after a visit from Archbishop J. Michael Miller.

As Vancouver fights over 4-20, Seattle's Hempfest enjoys tolerance, some support (ED, SPH)

They both came from humble beginnings: small protests against marijuana prohibition where activists smoked weed in public, boldly defying what they considered an unjust law.

Winners of quality team awards announced (Megamorphosis, 3M Award)

The Canadian College of Health Leaders and 3M Canada Co. are proud to announce that the recipients of this year’s 3M Health Care Quality Team Awards are Providence Health Care (PHC).

Pilot program establishes Vancouver’s first drug-testing clinic outside of the Downtown Eastside (BCCSU)

The equivalent population of a small Canadian city has died in the three years since a public health emergency was declared, and the days of trusting a guy who knows a guy are over.

Canada’s Newest Drug Scare (Dr. Keith Ahamad, SPH ED)

There is a new type of overdose among drug users in Vancouver and it’s challenging front – line overdose prevention workers trying to save lives. 

City of Vancouver flies flag at half-mast to mark anniversary of overdose health emergency (BCCSU)

The flag atop Vancouver’s city hall was flown at half-mast on Sunday as the city marked the lives lost in the province’s ongoing overdose crisis.

Vancouver mourns lives lost to overdose on third anniversary of B.C.’s public health emergency (BCCSU)

Sunday marked the 1090th day since B.C. declared the increase in overdose deaths as a public health emergency. Many lives were lost to overdose prior to this declaration. Since April 14, 2016, more than 3,600 people have lost their lives to overdose in B.C. with more than 1,000 of these deaths happening in Vancouver.

The Spirit of 420, Post-Legalization: Civil Disobedience or Celebration? (ED, SPH)

Since the nineties, cannabis consumers have marked 4/20 by gathering at squares and parks across Canada to collectively call for policy reforms, fair treatment, and destigmatization. By definition, it has always been a protest—though, given the amount of cannabis at these events, the mood is always jovial.

Vancouver care facility moves to 'dementia village' model to make residents feel at home (Dementia Village, Holy Family)

A major makeover is underway at a facility for dementia patients in South Vancouver: staff are creating a “dementia village” to help patients feel more like they're living in a home, rather than a hospital.

VCH officials say opioid overdoses spiked recently, related to toxic additives (Dr. Keith Ahamad, BCCSU)

Officials with Vancouver Coastal Health say they’ve been dealing with an uptick in overdoses over the past few weeks — and the drugs are being cut with synthetics that naloxone doesn’t work on.


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